Uplifting Experiences - Special Bras For Special Occasions

Published: 17th January 2009
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Gone are the days of constricting corsets and crazy looking contraptions called brassieres. Todays bras are manufactured for comfort and high functionality. If your top half is not up where it should be, the rest of your look will not be curvy and sleek. No woman is confident with a sagging look up top-especially in a prom gown, bridesmaid dress, pagenat gown, sassy little cocktail dress, mother of the bride/groom dress or any special occasion evening dress. Beneath every awsome fitting formal gown is good breast support! There are many options depending on your particular need. We will explore some of the most popular choices of special occasion bras.

Put that roll of duct tape and the band aids down! Yes, it's true-pageant queens used duct tape for breast support and band aids to prevent nipple show through. Unsightly indentations from an ill fitting bra under a winning evening gown puts her potential crown at risk. Unfortunately, it was worth sacrificing the precious skin of the breast area! How barbaric! With many types of bras available, there's no need to turn to the tool box or medicine cabinet for support!

A convertible bra is a beautiful thing. This type of bra has straps that you can do everything short of going bungee jumping with! It is designed to be worn many different ways beneath many different styles-without buying a separate bra for each! The straps are completly adjustable and removable with metal or plastic hooks. Instead of the traditional stretchy fabric that matches the bra, some have "invisible" straps made of clear matte elastic. Small fabric loops are strategically placed on the body of the bra for the bra straps to hook into. This feature allows you to change their placement so they will be hidden under your clothing regardless of the style. For halter styled clothing, only one strap is used. The strap is extended to fit behind your neck, over each shoulder to hook onto the top of the cup of the bra. Let's say you have a formal dress with an awesome crisscross feature in back. Unhook each strap from the back, extend and cross, then hook them into the loops spaced out a little farther than the standard loops you removed them from. Grecian inspired single shoulder evening gowns are very popular. Use the strap that is on the same side as the one on your gown. Extend your bra strap to the loop on the opposite side in back and hook. Your sexy strapless cocktail dress has a deep scoop in back. Completely remove both of the shoulder straps and you are all set. Some convertible bras provide with a third bra strap that is longer than the other two. It is specifically made for giving additional support when wearing the bra strapless style. Extend the strap until it stretches across your back then hook it into the loops under each armpit. This pulls the bra closer against your body so you won't feel like you'll spill out of the front. If this is completely overwhelming, it's okay-the bra comes with instructions! Most convertible bras have light to full padding so you needn't worry about nipple show through. They are great for support under formal wear and everyday use!

Hip-hip hooray for the push up bra! A ball gown with any type of plunging neckline compliments the look of a voluptuous bustline. Push up bras use specific placement of padding in the cups to enhance your bust. Most push ups come with removable straps and repositionalble pads with velcro on the back. The position of the pads (whether at the sides or on the bottom) depends on the neckline of your formal and the desired look. Side placement of the pads pushes breasts together for the look of deep curvatious cleavage. Evening dresses with a plunging V or keyhole neckline would benefit from side placement. Bottom placement of the pads lifts breasts up (hence the name "push up") to give a full, rounded appearance. Strapless, sweetheart, and deeply rounded necklines work well with this placement. A good push up bra can be somewhat costly. A cheap alternative-shoulder pads inside of your favorite bra! Vintage divas, raid the back of your closets for the 80's clothing you won't admit to saving and give new life to the shoulder pads!

The new trend in evening gown style is intricate detailing and super sexy body hugging designs. The revealing green dress that J.Lo wore to the Grammys years ago (that her wardrobe specialists TAPED her into) comes to mind! With that said, it seems as if some designs are impossible to wear underclothing with! For women that are uncomfortable going "au natural", the adhesive bra is your answer. Though single use items, they are definately worth the money and peace of mind. The better brands are made of foam with underwire and stick onto your body with clear side tabs. The best adhesion occurs on clean dry skin free of lotions, creams or powders. Swab your skin with alcohol and let dry just before placing on your skin. If the bra doesn't come with alcohol pads, be sure to have some of your own. Fuller breasted women used to be excluded from this type of bra. They are now made to offer support up to about a size 38D.

Another adhesive alternative is a silicone stick on bra. It is quite costly and usually non-returnable. Think this option through well before purchasing. On the positive side, when kept clean, you will have many uses without the need to purchase adhesive strips. The adhesive is made into the cups which renews itself after being washed. There are no side tabs at all on this bra so you have complete freedom! Most have a front hook for ease in application and removal. It also provides cleavage control. A bonus to wearing this type of bra is the addition of one-maybe two-cup sizes. Unfortunately, fuller breasted women are excluded from this option as the sizes end at a mid C cup.

For women that are comfortbale going "au natural" but desire a smooth look, breast petals are for you. They are adhesive silicone covers that prevent nipple show through. A small non stick silicone pad covers the nipple. Stretchy fabric surrounds the pad containing skin friendly adhesive. They are afforable single use items packaged in sets of four.

Cheers to you looking and feeling great on your special night!

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